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The Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) Program

Posted on : 2024-03-14

The Conseil des arts Prescott Russell Arts Council (CAPRAC) is a not for profit organization whose mission is to uplift and promote the arts, culture and heritage in the region of Prescott and Russell.  As part of its 10th anniversary programming in 2024, CAPRAC is presenting a new initiative aimed at highlighting local art and agriculture as part of our collective cultural heritage.

TERRE-O-ART (from the French ‘terroir‘) is an engagement initiative designed to bring together two valuable, natural resources of our region: agriculture and artists.  Through a series of onsite creation sessions, the program will establish scheduled visits to local agriculture and heritage sites where participants can be inspired by the landscape to paint, photograph, play music or compose in the natural setting.

CAPRAC is currently accepting Host applications from interested farmers, producers and growers willing to host one or more of these creation sessions on their property this Summer.  This is an excellent opportunity for agricultors to increase visibility, engage with the artistic sector and benefit from promotion through the CAPRAC network! These sessions are proposed for Tuesday mornings from 10 to noon, from June to October, and will require access to parking and washrooms for the participants.  

To apply to host a creation session :Host Application Form (link to google form:

Or contact CAPRAC for more information:

Youth Employment and Skills Program

Posted on : 2024-03-14

The Youth Employment and Skills Program (YESP) will contribute approximately $13.5 million to projects that employ youth and youth facing barriers. Each project will be eligible to receive up to $14,000 in matching funds to employ one (1) employee. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is one of several Government of Canada departments participating in the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.

My Main Street

Posted on : 2024-03-14

My Main Street is a $15-million investment to foster the stabilization and revitalization of main streets across southern Ontario. The program will offer streamlined direct-to-business supports and complementary programming for community projects that will encourage growth and economic prosperity.

Application deadline is March 31, 2024.

Get a booth at the Lifestyle Expo

Posted on : 2024-02-14

For those of you interested in getting a booth at the Cornwall & Area Lifestyle Expo, check out this link for more information and to register.

Our members also have a discount to join!

You just need to click the non-member “Buy Spot” button and use the below discount codes at checkout to get the member rate.

Discount Codes:



An Event on the PR Recreational Trail

Posted on : 2024-02-14

An event on the PR Recreational Trail

The trail is looking at hosting a sample tasting event, this year.

The current concept is for vendors to sell their products on a market style event along part of the trail. The most important bit is for these vendors to offer delicious samples of their products that can set them appart from others.

Think of using your product as part of a bight sized, sample sandwitch as an example or as a small beverage.

The trail is looking to see what vendors would be interested in participating.

Please let us know if you are interested!

TVC22 Project

Posted on : 2024-02-14

In collaboration with TVC22, we’re embarking on a project to create a series of videos that explore the origins of food and showcase incredible recipes you can prepare with it.

As part of this endeavor, we’ll be venturing directly to the source of our food to capture authentic content and gather cooking recipes.

From Foire Gourmande to Savour the Field

Posted on : 2024-02-14

We are organizing Savour the Field this year. For those of you who remember our passed “Foire Gourmande” it is a similar concept. Farm/restaurant drop ins during the day and possibly a payed dinner on one of the participating farms.

Who of you would be interested in participating?
Let us know by replying to the newsletter!

Retrofit Program

Posted on : 2024-02-08

Incentives to help speed up your payback on energy-efficiency equipment upgrades.

Small Business Program 

Posted on : 2024-02-08

Drive your business forward with Save on Energy incentives of up to $3,000 for eligible lighting equipment and up to $2,500 for eligible non-lighting equipment.

Promoting Agriculture and Food Carrers Initiative

Posted on : 2024-02-08

The purpose of the Initiative is to promote careers in the agriculture and food sector through Agricultural Societies. There are 2 components:

  • Provide money through Initiative Payment(s) to Agricultural Societies to promote and distribute pre-existing materials related to agriculture and food career opportunities at Fairs and Events.
  • Provide money through Initiative Payment(s) to Agricultural Societies so they can develop their own local agriculture and food career promotion materials and activities.