Finding Grants

Canada Business Benefits Finder

Use this handy Canada Business Benefits Finder to tell your story, describe your situation, and produce a short list of programs and services that are tailored to your situation.

Government of Ontario

Ontario summarizes a variety of programs to provide financial assistance for infrastructure, human capital, and the development and commercialization of advanced technologies.

Canada Startups

Canada Startups is a membership-based commercial service to help businesses navigate the grant world and apply for grants. They published this handy guide to understand the environment of government grants and funding.

Ontario Business Grants

Ontario Business Grants was founded in 2019: to provide Ontario entrepreneurs with information on every current source of funding for their business, whether that be grants, loans, wage subsidies, tax credits, and more…all in one place! You can find farm grants here.

Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

Cost-Share programs OSCIA delivers several cost-share funding programs that support Ontario’s farmers in implementing best management and sustainability practices on their farms.


The EOAN continuously researches available and relevant grants to update members on opportunities as they arise. If you have a project idea, contact the EOAN directly to chat about what the options are!